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July 11 - July 13, 2024

Prior Praises

I can't thank Martha and her team enough for all the hours spent preparing for the estate sale for my parents' home. She and her team dealt with what would have been a very overwhelming situation for me with kindness and professionalism. When both of my parents passed away within months of each other, I was stricken with grief, and selling the contents of a home they had built with much love seemed insurmountable. But seeing the names of many people I trusted recommending Divide and Conquer was an answer to prayer. Martha is truly performing a ministry, and if you need her services in the Tyler area, I highly recommend her.

Lori Crozier Boles
Enough praises can't be sung for Martha and crew with the help of our moving sale. Everything was professionally handled and the process was easy. We could have never done this on our own.  If you are considering an estate, downsizing, or moving sale, we would definitely recommend Divide and Conquer. Thank you Martha!

Tom and Jean Smith
Two years ago this week my mother passed away. With the passing of any family member comes a whirlwind of funeral plans, estate plans, lots of grieving and deep mourning, and just plain “digging out”. The next year was very much a blur. Looking back on the past 2 years, it is clear that one of the best decisions our family made was asking Martha Dunlap and the Divide and Conquer team to host the estate sale. Honestly, I thought having an estate sale would be a very emotionally difficult thing, but we were all very pleasantly surprised —- actually that’s an understatement. I consider this group one of the biggest blessings of the season. They were extremely professional and very good at doing what they do. But beyond that, this team of men and women never forgot that we were grieving. They prayed with us on many occasions. They cried with me and dint seem phased by my sudden tears at the most random memories. They brought items to my attention that they felt should be reconsidered before placing in the sale ( which I was extremely grateful for). They were patient and seemed to welcome us being there as they sorted and set up displays. After getting to know so many of the workers on this team, it became very obvious that they consider this a ministry. The photos that they took and placed online were excellent and attracted buyers from many states. I regret that it has taken me this long to put into words what this group means to our family, but if anyone is facing an estate sale in the future, I highly recommend the Divide and Conquer team. Thank you, guys, for walking us through the grieving process with compassion and honor. Love you guys!

Becky Wangner
"What a blessing you and your crew are . . . amazing work!”

Ann James Wheeler
"I received the check for the estate sale yesterday. Wow! I didn’t dream it would be so much. Thank you so much for taking care of everything for me.”

Katherine Crawford
"God truly blessed you with many gifts. One definitely lifted a burden off of us. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you and your fabulous team.”

Jeanie & Mike Hill
"Thank you so much!!!!”

Karen Faulkner Key
"Thanks for your assistance and great job you did on the Faulkner estate.”

Donald Key
"I got my check yesterday, and I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you and your organization did. The completeness of the job was great!”

Jim Blair
Martha- I received the proceeds from the sale of my Mom’s property today and want to let you know how much I really appreciate how well you and your team performed. I couldn’t be happier. The detail you laid out in our first meeting was exceptional and the execution was as promised. Your team staged the sale very well, priced the goods fairly and cleaned up leaving me no additional work to do to prepare for sale of the home. Thank you for a tremendous job and please use me for a reference if I can ever be of help.
Thank you, again,

"Thanks for making the estate sale process so easy!”

David Lawrence
"Thank you for all of your help. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

Lisa Sammons Adams
"I want to express my sincere 'thank you' for all of your good work in organizing and conducting Delcie's and my estate sale. Parting with our worldly possessions was difficult for me to accept, but it had to be done; I am thankful that you were available to perform this task in a professional and competent manner."
Dave Wylie
"We are all grateful for your prompt and professional handling of mom's estate sale. You made a very difficult process much more tolerable."
Jan York Humphries and Brenda York Cagle
"Thank you just doesn't seem enough to express how we feel after the estate sale. You and your crew are absolutely amazing, and we were in constant awe from start to finish. Since October 1, we feel our lives have been whirling feverishly trying to settle the estate while some days we found ourselves drowning in the sadness of losing her; but thanks to you and your professionalism, we are extremely grateful and satisfied with everything."
God bless,
Linda and Allen Pye
Martha, thanks so much for staging the Divide and Conquer sale in September. Our downsizing project became so much easier once your team got involved. Knowing that other people can now enjoy our treasures--and all the other trappings that you sold--reinforced that moving from our big house was the right decision. Additionally, I feel pretty confident that the check from the proceeds was more than we would have gotten from a basic garage sale!
I first found Divide and Conquer by reading all the glowing reviews on-line.  I asked a couple of Tyler friends who told me Divide and Conquer was the only estate sale company to use in Tyler and that Martha Dunlap was a PRO at Estate Sales. I was delighted to meet you and learn of our connection with mutual friends. I have been to many estate sales in my time in big cities and small towns, and your operation runs better than any I have ever seen.

You are to be commended for a wonderful service you provide to those in and around East Texas. My brother and I were stunned the final day at just how much you were able to sell . . . the house was virtually empty! Dad and Kathy were beyond happy with the sale proceeds, and I cannot thank you enough for handling this huge task in just a few short weeks.

Fondly and with sincere thanks,
Paula Herman Smith
"There are no words to express our gratitude to you and your staff for the unbelievably and wholly positive experience of
Divide and Conquer."

Kate and Alex Finlayson, nieces of Chuck Finlayson
"Martha, I want to thank you for all of your help with the estate sale for Tickie West-Brand. I was totally impressed with your professionalism and the way that you handled every aspect of this project. Do not hesitate to list me as one of your satisfied clients. Any time that I can be of assistance to you or provide you with a recommendation, do not hesitate to ask. I will certainly call upon you for your service the next opportunity that I have to handle the liquidation of an estate."

John C. Hardy of Hardy Cook & Hardy, A Professional Corporation of Attorneys and Counselors at Law
"Thanks, Martha, for all of your & your team's hard work! You are the best by far; put me at the top of your  reference list!"

Rena Stiefel
"Thanks for the superb Divide & Conquer estate sale you did at 219 Belmead. It was quite a challenge, but you, your husband, son, and your helpers were up to it. To be so organized is a talent, and you use it well. "

Blessings to you,
Carolyn & Dave Bain, Realtors 903-561-4346
"I was so proud of the job you & your team did, from the first day, to display, to the actual sale. Everyone was so friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. The sale of a person's life is hard at best, but you and your team made the whole process easier because of the care and respect you took with all of the items, whether it was just tools, kitchen items, or personal items of the individual. Thanks to you and your team for all you did."

Charlie Jones, Trustee of Adeline Francis Estate
“Martha, after losing my father and then my mother, the turmoil I felt dealing with the estate business combined with the grief of losing my parents was just overwhelming. Never in my life have I ever felt more disorganized, confused, and alone. It appeared as if my normal ability to create structure in the midst of a crisis had vanished, and that feeling was very disorienting for me. But then I was faced with trying to determine what in the world to do with all the cherished items which remained as tangible reminders that my parents were even alive anywhere other than in my heart. After months of trying to manage it all myself, I hit a dead end, and it eventually became clear to me that I was unable to move forward with my parents’ 'stuff' without help. Martha, that is when you became my angel. You held my hand through the tedious (and heart wrenching) task of sorting through my parents’ home. You were the voice of reason in helping me decide what would be important for me to keep, and a voice of comfort when something would trigger some priceless memory. There was no question in my mind (or my heart) that you could be trusted to make sure my parents’ belongings would find new homes, where they could help create happy times for someone else. I am forever grateful to you and your team at Divide & Conquer for handling our estate sale. As difficult as it was, I must admit that it is a tremendous relief to have that process behind me. Thank you so very much for sharing your organizational skills, your kindness, professionalism, and compassion. I am so glad that I listened to the recommendations of others, and am so very blessed now to count you among my friends.”

Jonna Fitzgerald - Tyler, TX
"Words alone cannot express our gratitude for the way the Divide & Conquer team has helped us with our 'down-sizing.'  Martha, you and your staff are truly professional and caring people, and I will be using your services again when I have more items to sell even though we now live in Keller, Texas. Thank you."

Donna Frankel
“I am in the beginning stages as an estate executor; Martha Dunlap and her Divide & Conquer helpers will help with the estate sale, and they are real pros. They do it first class and just as they say they will. Integrity and professionalism are personified!!”

Paul W. Powell - Tyler, TX
“What Martha and her professional crew did for our family was absolutely invaluable. If you've ever significantly downsized, you know how difficult and time-consuming it is. Martha's crew descended on my mom's house in a flurry of activity and had everything sorted, neatly displayed and ready to sell in no time. The moment the estate sale was over, they flew into action again--arranging for Salvation Army to pick up the leftovers and even providing a cleaning person who left the house sparkling. What Divide & Conquer does it not just a business--it is truly a ministry.”

Mary Ann Lackland – Tyler, TX
“For those of you who have not experienced the services of Divide & Conquer, you are in for a real treat! Martha and her crew have it down to a science. (I had to move my mother out of her home on very short notice. Divide & Conquer came in on a Monday, set up, organized, and priced everything--including tools in the garage! They managed the estate sale on Thursday-Saturday. What I did not sell was picked up and donated. They handled everything!!!!) Needless to say, I would recommend Divide & Conquer and would certainly use them again if I lived in the area.”

Adele & Polly Lewis - Plano, Texas
“Martha, many thanks to you and your 'Divide and Conquer' Team for the incredible job you did in getting my aunt's house ready for the moving sale. You organized and displayed her possessions so that her home looked like a lovely boutique! The team succeeded in selling all her furniture and almost all of her smaller items. Your sale provided a nice check for her bank account and left the house clean and ready for a buyer.”

Patty Jones – Tyler, TX
Martha and "Divide and Conquer" Team,

“The daughter of the owner on Granbury Court said that you are so well organized!! She really appreciates you.”

Dave & Carolyn Bain (Bain Real Estate) – Tyler, TX
“Martha and the Divide & Conquer Team,

I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate all of the hard work you and your team put forth during this past month to help me through a tough time. Your friendship, professionalism, and attention to detail will not be forgotten. ‘Thank you’ just doesn’t seem to cover it.”

Julian Smith – Oklahoma (Mom’s home in Tyler, TX)
"Martha's business, Divide and Conquer is a wonderful service to families in our community. She and her staff do a great job!! Kudos to Martha."

Toni Smith Hibbs - Tyler, TX
“I cannot say enough or be appreciative enough to Martha and DIVIDE AND CONQUER. She had a down-sizing sale for my mom and an estate sale for my brother. Both were a blessing not only financially but in closure and help for my family.

As an active realtor, I also recommended DIVIDE AND CONQUER to many clients who were equally pleased and satisfied with her work. We love Martha and DIVIDE AND CONQUER.”

Donna Shay – Tyler, Texas
A few years ago at the invitation of a good friend, I heard Martha Dunlap give a presentation on her work with Divide and Conquer.  I was most impressed by the information she shared about having an Estate Sale, never thinking at the time that I might one day need her help.  Therefore, when the time came that I did need someone to have an Estate Sale for my wife and me, I naturally thought of Martha. Because of what I had heard earlier, I had high expectations, and I must say that Martha and her helpers far exceeded those expectations.  From the beginning of the preparation and advertisement for the sale , to the pricing and display of the sale items, to the sale itself, and to the disposal of leftover items, I could not have been more pleased. I highly recommend Martha Dunlap and her workers at Divide and Conquer to anyone who is planning to have and Estate Sale.

Dr. Jay Lockhart
As an estate executor, working with Divide and Conquer was a great experience! Martha and her team were very professional and easy to work with. Their attention to details and keeping me informed throughout the process was appreciated. Thank you to the Divide and Conquer team for a very successful estate sale!

Barbara Bass
Miss Martha and her amazing team worked like a well oiled machine , they are busy bees all working, working, working. They are so polite and friendly and very professional. They run the sale so smoothly and are very helpful the customers . I had great feedback from people who were at the sale . They made a difficult situation very pleasant.

Cydney Elsey
Best estate sales in Tyler.  Very organized and friendly.  Always enjoy their sales.

Jan P
We were overjoyed with your and your team.. I cannot thank you enough for taking on our estate sale and making an insurmountable problem a blessing. Just extraordinary.

Chere P
When an estate sale involves the loss of a family member, it can be a delicate and emotional time. Martha and her team walked us through this process with professionalism, and, at the same time, care and compassion. I would very much recommend Divide and Conquer to anyone.

Dolly W
Martha, high praise to you and your DIVIDE AND CONQUER team that prepared and conducted the estate sale. Your team was very professional and worked hard to make everything go smoothly. I'm not the best judge to comment on the estate sale at my home in November, but I think you and your team did an outstanding job. Thank you for the successful estate sale results. I highly recommend you to anyone who is planning an event of this kind.

J P Kinsey
“Martha, here are words from the heart:

Divide & Conquer associates did a great job in my mother's estate sale.  It was such a relief to have this help during a very difficult time for our family.  Once the decision was made to have an estate sale at the residence, the many details were handled by Martha and her team.  The organizing, the pricing, the display, the promotion, the sale itself, the crowd management, and the cleanup and completion were excellent. We highly recommend Divide & Conquer to others.” 

Nancy La Rue Westmoreland – Austin, Texas
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